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The REGATTA Collection

LuxOcean Swimwear Collection

"Island Life. Everyday."

Our Regatta Collection was first launched in July of 2022 with praise from our supporters.


We are excited to unveil the second drop of non-swimwear related pieces!


Homecoming, Regatta, or simply your next beach event are the perfect venues for this collection.

We hope you enjoy!

Style Means Everything:

Our Passion for Swimwear

At LuxOcean, we love putting together the perfect pieces to create the ultimate look. Our dolls trust our judgement and often purchase our items in pairs; just as we intended. 

We pride ourselves in providing fashion forward swimwear at a price all can appreciate. Yes, we're bringing Lux to every ocean!

The fun part is the countless hours we spend scouting the most current styles to ensure that our girls are always the first to wear what's trending. 

We believe that the key to the most astonishing look is going with what your gut tells you. If it tells you something looks off, BELIEVE IT!



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